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A new concept of Sharing Economy

Co Own a Restaurant or F&B Outlet with Table 2 Own F&B Micro-Ownership Program

Connecting F&B owners with micro investors

Restaurants Together

With the new concept of sharing economy, Table2Own bring groups of people passionate in food & beverage business together.

Traditionally, starting, expanding or sustaining a f&b business requires relatively intensive capital upfront, extensive sales and marketing efforts and highly skilled professional in management and operations.

With Table2Own ownership of food and beverage business is made easy at lower risk with Table 2 Own Fractionalizing Restaurant concept creates micro ownership program connecting business owners and potential investors

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In the future, we may own much less and share much more. With uncertain economy outlook and swift shifting on market and consumer preferences, a rise of the Prosumer / Micropreneur is unstoppable and will continue to proliferate, growing and segmenting the market with innovation.

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Founded with sharing economy in mind.

Table 2 Own is connecting F&B restaurant owners with their micro investors by fractionalizing  and breaking down the F&B business down to per dish and per chair creating a Micro Ownership Program,

We guide F&B business owners to sets up, manage and operate F&B business on behalf of the restaurant micro owners to diversify their risks and profit together.


Lowering barrier for everyone to be part of F&B restaurant business by  practising fractionalized restaurant concept to establish micro ownership program globally .


Everyone to profit from minimum capital and operation F&B micro ownership business with ease and peace of mind.

Table 2 Own F&B Micro-Ownership System Mobile Application
Table 2 Own Low Capital to start a Restaurant

Our Team

Professional individuals with different experience and expertise creating a unique and manageable  SOP for daily operation process ensuring compliance to food safety requirements and industry standards.

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