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Longkang Siham, Cheras & Penang, Malaysia

Uncle Big Prawn,
Cheras & Penang, Malaysia

Bubbling Chili Hotpot, Chengdu, China

Longkang Siham

( Capitol Seafood )

Cheras & Penang Branch

Campaign Progress - Chair 2 Own
25/100 25%
Campaign Progress - Dish 2 Own

Campaign date       : In progress
Duration                     : 3 month
Full Amount               : RM 1,000,000
Minimum amount    : 60%
Method                       : Dish2Own & Chair2Own
Opening date            : December 2021
Branch location        : Cheras & Penang

Longkang Siham Capitol Seafood Melaka
Longkang Siham Capitol Seafood Melaka Boss
longkang siham melaka stall famous melaka streetfood cockles

Capitol Seafood-Longkang Siham(佳必多祖传海鲜小吃)


Hidden treasure in Malacca

Located at the back alley off the busy main road Jalan Bunga Raya, “Longkang Siham” remains one of the most unique and historical street stalls in Malacca selling fresh boiled fresh cockles, clams, sotong, and other varieties of fresh seafood.

Heritage business through 3 generation

The business was started in 1967, and has passed down to the third generation. Over 50 years of operating at the location, the alley is always filled with locals and tourists seeking a unique shell food BBQ experience.

Unique Back Alley Ambience You Can’t Experience Elsewhere

Dining at Longkang Siham is an experience you won’t get anywhere else as you feast on fresh seafood while sitting in a dimly-lit alley. You’ll be rewarded with a sumptuous shellfish feast! Everything is cooked to perfect doneness. No matter if you are a local or foreign tourist, everyone is seated on tiny and low wooden stools along steel long tables next to a drain. 

‘Siham’ is the specialty blood clams the stall sells for generations.

Signature half boiled blood clams

Blood clam is a species of ark clam known as the blood cockle or blood clam due to the red haemoglobin liquid inside the soft tissues. 

At Longkang Siham, you can personally request for the rareness level (rare, medium well, or well done). There are also different types of clams of different sizes to pick from.

Blood cockle is best to boil until half-cooked, and dipped in a secret sauce with special made chilli sauce and traces of peanut.

Traditional handmade grilled cuttlefish

Unlike typical machine-processed cuttlefish, the grilled cuttlefish is 100% handmade by Capitol Seafood. The cuttlefish here pride itself with great texture that’s not overly chewy. 

They still preserve the traditional way of producing cuttlefish whereby the cuttlefish is hammered into thin sheets rather than being compressed by machines. 

The method of production can greatly preserve the chewy texture of the cuttlefish after cooking and maintain its freshness and taste.

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Cheras & Penang Branch

Campaign Progress - Chair 2 Own
Campaign Progress - Dish 2 Own

Campaign date       : In progress
Duration                     : 3 month
Full Amount               : RM 350,000
Minimum amount    : 50%
Method                       : Dish2Own & Chair2Own
Opening date            : December 2021
Branch location        : Cheras & Penang

Uncle Big Prawn(大虾叔叔)


Maggi udang galah king is a famous local cuisine originated from the city of kemaman in terrenganu which now operated along with a prawning facility called ” kolam pancing udang kemaman ” who serve fresh water prawns with instant noodle or deep fired fresh water prawn with turmeric.

With the correct amount and perfect timing of the giant fresh water prawns with the noodle, the essence of the prawns goes into the soup and instantly become irresistible mouth watering cuisine which cannot be found any where else. Thanks to Table2Own, its Melaka branch successfully funded. It will also soon open up for the upcoming KL outlet for those that is interested to join the business.


Kuala Lumpur Branch

Campaign Progress - Chair 2 Own
Coming soon
Campaign Progress - Dish 2 Own
coming soon

Campaign date       : Coming soon
Duration                     : 4 month
Amount                      : RM 1,880,000
Successful amount : In progress
Method                       : Chair2Own & Dish2Own
Opening date            : Coming soon
Branch location        : Kuala Lumpur

Bubbling Chili Hotpot Table 2 Own Low Capital to start a Restaurant
Bubbling Chili Hotpot Table 2 Own Low Capital to start a Restaurant

Fu Rong Village Bubbling Chili Hot Pot (芙蓉村泡椒火锅)


Unique Sichuan Steamboat with local recognition at Sichuan state level. Original restaurant address inChongzhou, Chengdu, Sichuan 四川省成都市崇州市崇庆中路锦绣中华

Award-winning Restaurant in Sichuan, China

Recognized by Sichuan Province F&B Industry as “Top 10 Hot Pot Specialty” Award-winning brand with 20 years heritage. Crowned Champion in Sichuan Hot Pot Competition at Sichuan Province Level

Thematic Restaurant with Unique China Cultural Heritage

All drinks are served in a bowl, just like Chinese martial arts movies Experience authentic Chinese martial arts and cultural spirit.

Limited Edition

Unique soup broth with limited quantity everyday

Patented Formulation

Soup base is patented in China since year 2007

Giant Lobster at Unbelievable Price

The lucky VIP diner shall get a giant lobster well-prepared and sliced up at shockingly low price

Creative Food Display

Insta-friendly food display and decorations

Why Fractionalized Restaurant with Hot Pot?

Generate cash flow income by serving world class cuisine to all our guests

Bubbling Chili Hotpot Table 2 Own Low Capital to start a Restaurant
Asset 2

Revenue Sharing on each completed transaction

Instant revenue sharing when customers dine in.

Asset 2

Monthly Withdrawal

Do not wait until financial year-end for profit share.

Asset 2

Low Expertise

Do not need to rely on chef for cooking.

Asset 2

Cultural Heritage

Fostering sharing and togetherness, Chongqing Hot Pot is not only a culinary experience, it’s an exercise in social connectivity.

Asset 2

High Order Quantity & Profit Margin

Each item on menu brings in revenue. Over 10 different order per transactions.

Asset 2

Effortless Management

Self-service and automated operations.

Asset 2

Huge Market Demand

Satisfy appetite of Malaysians at affordable pricing.

Asset 2

Patented Formulation

Clear broth without residue and authentic taste. Only Steamboat in Sichuan with patented formulation.

Asset 2

World Class Gastronomy

Bringing you the best gastronomy experience from UNESCO City of Gastronomy, Chengdu.

Asset 2

Preserving world’s intangible heritage

Explore Chengdu's cultural heritage as you take in a thrilling Chinese martial arts and theatre performance and tuck into spicy bites of authentic Sichuanese cuisine – the Cheng du Hotpot.

Award-winning Restaurant

Champion of “Taste of Sichuan, Journey of Dream” Competition Year 2006

Top 10 Specialty Steamboat in the Star of Sichuan Food and Beverage Industry, Year 2006

Awarded ”Sichuan Specialty Steamboat” by Sichuan Food Services Association, Year 2004

Awarded “Golden Star Excellent Taste Restaurant” by ”Taste of Sichuan, Journey of Dream” Program co-organized by Sichuan Province TV, China East City News and Sichuan Gourmet Association

Endorsed by Sichuan Provincial Hospitality Industry Association

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