VIP 24K Gold Hotpot Bubbling Chili Hotpot Table 2 Own

Dine like a billionaire for one night !!


Do you know what luxury tastes like? Now you can experience this one-in-a-lifetime opportunity with 5-star premium seafood served with a sparkling 24K Gold mala hotpot soup.

Available for a limited time only!

Only for 10 pax/each time

RM 400/pax

泡椒火锅 Bubbling Chili Hotpot

★★★★★ 5/5

Original known as furong village bubbling chili hotpot  芙蓉村泡椒火锅 a Unique Sichuan Steamboat with local recognition at Sichuan state level. Original restaurant address in Chongzhou, Chengdu, Sichuan 四川省成都市崇州市崇庆中路锦绣中华

Award-winning Restaurant in Sichuan, China

Recognized by Sichuan Province F&B Industry as “Top 10 Hot Pot Specialty” Award-winning brand with 20 years heritage. Crowned Champion in Sichuan Hot Pot Competition at Sichuan Province Level

Thematic Restaurant with Unique China Cultural Heritage

All drinks are served in a bowl, just like Chinese martial arts movies Experience authentic Chinese martial arts and cultural spirit.

Exclusive Luxury

24K Gold Flakes Table 2 Own

Unique soup broth with limited quantity. Plus the luxury of adding in edible 24k gold.

Limited Edition

VIP Seafood Fiesta Table 2 Own

Due to the unique and exclusive food that is served therefore all dinner has to be pre booked in advance and subject to our availability. Each dinner can only cater for 8pax only no less and no more

Exotic Seafood

Seafood Fiesta Table 2 Own

The Exclusive VIP diner shall be served with all kind of exotic seafood which is on season such as giant lobster , king crab and etc well-prepared and sliced up and served.

VIP 24K Gold Hotpot Seafood Fiesta Table 2 Own

VIP 24K Gold Hotpot Menu

24k gold flake authentic mala soup

giant flower lobster

boston lobster

giant fresh water prawn

king crab

giant tiger Prawn

pacific geoduck

goliath grouper slice


giant mussels

giant sea scallop

fresh abalone

special home made pork ball

wagyu beef slice

iberico pork slice

assorted vegetables

assorted mushrooms

Photo Galery

Exclusive 24k Gold Hotpot Dinner

Venue : Petaling Jaya

Time   : 7pm – 10pm

Terms & Conditions

All bookings are subject to availably and confirmation from the host and will be further confirm via email & Whatsapp.

Once booking are made, it is subject to availability and confirmation.

Upon confirmation a deposit of 50% will be required. All deposit made is none refundable. full payment has to be made prior 7 days before the dinner. Last minute cancelation will result forfeit of payment made.

Speak to us to find out more !

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Get In Touch With Us


Block B, B10-10, The Tube
Menara Prima PJU1/39, Dataran Prima
47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Malaysia.


P:  +60 10-662 9968

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