How it Works?

Now everyone can earn cashflow income as a microprenuer in the ever-growing F&B business with a mobile application in hand.

Suitable for anyone who has passion in food and beverage business.

Table 2 Own Process Step by Step

Micro-Ownership Program

Revenue sharing on whole restaurant, or dish only

Great Investment

Chair 2 Own

Own a seat or a table, and receive revenue sharing with Brand owner

Safe Investment

Dish 2 Own

Instant commission when someone order the dish you own on the menu

Dish 2 Own Program

Own a dish and profit when someone places an order.

Dish 2 Own Table 2 Own

Case Study – Dish Sold Per Day at China HQ

Possible revenue sharing achieved every day

Handmade prawn paste – 113 plates / day
Revenue sharing = RM2 x 113 = RM226 per day

Handmade meat ball – 125 plates / day
Revenue sharing = RM1 x 125 = RM125 per day

Bean sprouts – 87 plates / day
Revenue sharing = RM1 x 87 = RM87 per day

Chair 2 Own Program

Restaurant is divided into sub-units that can be co-owned by individual owners

Competitive Advantages of Micro Ownership Program

Low Capital Upfront

Start and own a F&B business at Prime Location with minimal cost.

Cash Flow Generating

Realize your profit on each transaction done. Take advantage of food & beverage business as a Cash flow generating asset.

Professional Management

Restaurant is run by experienced and professional operation team with systematic SOP to increase success rate.​

Attractive Monthly Bonus

Even more rewarding when you dine in and promote the business to your friends and family

Guaranteed Investments

25% of your capital will be refunded if business close down within 12 months of operations.

Zero Involvement with Peace of Mind

Without physically presence at outlet, your business is well taken care of.

Transparent System

Get immediate updates when an order is placed by customers, when a transaction is completed, a table is occupied. All available at your fingertips.

Legally Binding

An official agreement with lawyer and company secretary to ensure benefits of all stakeholders involved are protected.

Profit Together

Each co-owner brings in customers to ensure higher profitability and business success.

Profit Instantly

Start seeing profit the first day the shop starts operation everyday.

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